Rarity and Attributes

Each core NFT is equipped with four attributes, which provide specific advantages in DeFi Land gameplay. All NFT types have an Energy, Repair, Rewards, and Game Mechanic attribute.

The advantages of these attributes scale with their level, which depends on rarity. The rarity scale is outlined below:

  • Common: Your starting level can be an interval of (1, 5) and your max level cap is 30

  • Uncommon: Your starting level is an interval of (5, 10) and your max level cap is 50

  • Rare: Your starting level is an interval of (11, 20) and your max level cap is 70

  • Epic: Your starting level is an interval of (21, 30) and your max level cap is 90

  • Legendary: Your starting level is an interval of (26, 50) and your max level cap is 100.

When our players first minted their NFTs, the starting level of each attribute was randomly assigned based on the intervals given above. To upgrade your attribute level up to the maximum level cap, you can pay a fee and lock the NFT for a short period of time.

You will want to work together with the community to discover the optimal value for NFTs based on their attributes and earning potential. Now, let’s dive deeper into each attribute.

Energy Attributes: Float, Handle, Harvester, Clothes

Energy corresponds to the number of times you can play with your NFT before needing to let it rest for a specific cooldown period. 1 gameplay is equal to 1 energy. Once your energy is under 1 for your NFT, you must wait for a cooldown period before you can use it again. Your NFT’s Energy Limit is the maximum energy that you can achieve with your rarity once it has been fully upgraded. Your Energy Level is the maximum energy of a fully rested NFT based on your progress toward the Energy Limit. The current energy is how many times you have left to play, which decreases by 1 with each use. When your current energy reaches 0, you will need to wait about 24–36 hours before it is back at full energy, depending on the attribute level. However, as soon as it restores a single energy bar, you can use it again. A higher energy level lets you play more games and has a shorter cooldown period.

Example: If you have a fishing rod with a legendary level 100 Float that is fully rested, you can play 25 games before needing to let it cool down. Because this is a high level, you will not need to wait too long before earning again.

You can check more in Formulas

Repair Attributes: Bodies and Barrel

Health points are similar to energy, but instead of waiting for your health meter to be restored, you will need to repair your NFT. While some people might think it's not that important attribute to level up, we will be in several weeks revealing secret benefits of "maxing it out", so keep your eye on it. Animals will need to be taken to the vet and your gear will need to be taken to the mechanic. Both of these will be new buildings in your village. Your repair attributes will reduce the health-restoring costs. Here’s the secret: you are going to want to repair your NFTs often. Your items work best when they are in top shape, so instead of waiting for your health points to fall all the way to 0, you will want to regularly maintain your NFTs at maximum health points. Your reward potential decreases by 10% for every 10 health points lost. Higher level repair attributes reduce the cost of repair per 1 health point.

Reward Attributes: Hook, Charm, Tube, and Head

Visually, these might be a small part of each NFT, but they are incredibly powerful. Reward attributes increase the likelihood of scoring better rewards in each game you play. You might do your best to get the best score in the mini-game but without a good level of this attribute, you won’t be able to get the max reward. Your reward attribute level serves as a coefficient in calculating your reward probability. Rewards are randomly generated, but a better reward attribute tips the scales in your favor!

Game Mechanic Attributes: Reel, Scope, Wheel, and Accessory

The game mechanic attributes provide a direct impact on your gameplay experience. To understand each game mechanic, we need to discuss what the advantage it will provide in game:

  • Reel: The reel of the fishing rod increases the number of bonuses possible in each session. When you hit bonuses in the remastered fishing game, your maximum score increases. A higher score means better rewards, so the reel is essential for getting maximum rewards.

  • Scope: You are probably already familiar with the King Crow in the shooting gallery, who takes multiple shots to kill. The remastered game will include new enemies that are also difficult to kill. The scope will increase your likelihood of inflicting critical damage and increasing your scoped score multiplier (for better rewards!).

  • Wheels: You’re going to be in a hurry trying to fulfill delivery orders on your harvester. Your wheels will improve your fuel efficiency and speed to help you get more deliveries fulfilled before the time runs out.

  • Accessory: All animals have a Love Meter (Pet satisfaction), which ranges from 0 (default) to 100. You can boost their love meter by feeding them. Feeding them costs 1 energy, and a better accessory gives your pet more love per energy used. A pet with the minimum level accessory will gain 2 love each time it is fed, while a pet with the maximum level accessory will gain 25 love each time it is fed. When you decide to collect the reward from your pets, your Love Meter score determines the amount of your income. This can be the difference between claiming every several days versus claiming several times in a day.

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