Achievements, Factions, and Referrals

To make DeFi Land even more fun and engaging, we have decided to add achievements and factions to our game. This will add a little extra motivation to return to the game and stay active.


Achievements are activities in DeFi Land that can help you earn more XP, engage with the community, or learn more about the industry. For example, we offer XP bonuses for players who swap a certain number of times using our in-game marketplace, harvest certain amounts of yield, and stake a certain amount in our fixed staking pools.

Furthermore, achievements will feature progressions. Once you reach a certain level, you will be rewarded with special trophies that you can showcase in your house. Whenever someone visits your village, they will see all the trophies you earned.

We will begin to incorporate unique rewards for achievements alongside our Play and Earn mode. This will allow users to expand their potential for earning within DeFi Land.

Battle of 3 Factions

When you register on DeFi Land, you get to pledge your allegiance to one of three factions. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change the faction once you choose it, so make your decision wisely.

You represent your faction in seasonal competitions, which may include DeFi tasks or gameplay. The prizes are divided between all participants of the competition. You can track your performance from your Team Statue to see how much you contributed to your faction.


Our players will have the opportunity to invite their friends to DeFi Land. Once your referrals begin playing and swapping in our marketplace, you will earn a percent of their transactions. We look forward to incorporating new and exciting ways to support those of you who represent DeFi Land best.

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