Multiplayer Land

Multiplayer Land will be a feature that makes everyone happy. As you might have guessed from our Retail Onboarding and Education features, users will be able to challenge their friends in different activities such as farming, fishing, etc. Winning those challenges will generate XP as well as some in-game rewards.

That's great...but it gets even better. Most of us miss how we used to play "Mario Party" with friends. Some of you are playing "Pummel's Party" today as well.

DeFi Land multiplayer mode will be combining 30+ quality mini-games in which users will be able to compete with each other. Players will be queueing up for "competitive mode" to earn rewards. They will have to go through multiple randomly chosen games and try to survive the longest time. Users will be able to practice without any stake or reward in practice mode, but in order to compete for prizes they will need to stake their NFTs or provide in-game currency.

Games will be chosen from various categories such as racing, fishing, hunting, survival, and more. We plan to start our first multiplayer land alpha test at the end of Q2 2022.

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