Multichain Lands

DeFi Land is a multichain gamified asset management layer for decentralized finance. There are numerous things that users can do in DeFi Land. From simple swaps to detailed learning about the industry, DeFi Land is a great option for beginners to get started in the crypto industry. Not only do we gamify DeFi but also provide easy-to-use, low-entry-fee, play-to-earn games in the most adopted gaming style in the world: farming.

We believe that future is multichain and there is no way that the crypto industry will end up with one chain. That's why DeFi Land is going to build on top of various chains such as Terra, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Ethereum layer 2s.

DeFi Land will have different islands for different chains featuring their own ecosystem protocols, the same way it is on Solana right now. These islands will be accessible from the same website and will be connected through bridges so that users can transfer funds from one to another. Cross-chain bridges will be represented by physical bridges in our game.

The future of DeFi Land is chain agnostic. We aim to consolidate NFTs, DeFi, and gaming experiences from various chains in one place to help crypto go mainstream.

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