Idle Game Mechanics

We know everyone loves passive income, and the best way for us to do that in Play and Earn is by taking care of your beloved pets. Each type of animal on your farm has its own pet sanctuary. When you visit the pet sanctuary, you will be able to feed your animals and increase their Love Meter from 0-100. There are two classes of animal that provide a unique experience. For cats and dogs, you can send them on adventures to collect your rewards while you fulfill your other farmer duties. For chicken, ducks and cows, you will nurture them until they are ready to produce eggs and milk. One really important thing to keep in mind is that after a certain amount of time, your pet’s Food Meter will deplete by 1 every hour. Meaning, if you don't feed your pets for a long period of time (as of writing this article 12 hours), they will get hungry and it's foodmeter will start decreasing.

Cows, Ducks, and Chickens

Feeding your animals costs 1 energy, but the amount of Foodthey gain depends on your accessory level. The FoodMeter ranges from 0-100. A hungry animal will not produce rewards, so you will need to feed your animals at least once. Anytime the FoodMeter is above 0, you can claim the rewards. However, a higher Food value will produce better rewards, so ideally you will want to get your pets’ FoodMeter as high as possible (well you’d want to do that anyway, right?). Once the rewards are claimed, the FoodMeter is drained to zero and your pets lose 1 health point.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats follow the same feeding mechanism, but instead of directly claiming a resource from them, they can be sent on adventures to bring rewards home. You can choose to send dogs and cats on adventures lasting 1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours, or 1 day. The longer their adventure, the higher their potential reward.

Feeding your pets regularly is essential to maximizing your rewards. While you can collect rewards from your pets after one feeding session, you will earn higher rewards if you put the effort into getting their Food Meter to 100.

Dogs and cats will have higher potential rewards because their claiming period takes up to one day. Claiming rewards from cows, ducks, and chickens is instant.

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