Gen-0 NFTs

DeFi Land NFTs are your keys to unlock Play and Earn in DeFi Land. On February 9, 2022, our community minted 7500 NFT seeds in our first ever gamified NFT drop. Our players watered those seeds for 30 days before they blossomed into the coveted collection of Gen-0 NFTs. There are now approximately 21000 Gen-0 NFTs in circulation ranging from affordable entry-level items to extremely scarce legendary items and 1/1s. The Gen-0 NFTs include the fishing rod, the hunting gun, the harvester, and the animals. Each NFT type unlocks Play and Earn for its specific gameplay and consists of 4 attributes that provide a distinct advantage depending on their rarity and level (covered in Rarity and Attributes). Here is a brief explanation of each NFT type:

Fishing rod

The fishing rod unlocks the team-favorite fishing game. These gorgeously designed NFTs come with body, reel, hook, and float attributes. Better fishing rods allow you to play for longer and catch more valuable fish.

Shooting gun

The shooting gun unlocks the shooting gallery. There are shotgun and submachine gun styles, but all have the same firing mechanics and ammo. The fierce shooting guns come with barrel, handle, scope, and charm attributes. Better guns allow you to play longer, inflict critical damage, and earn additional bonuses for headshots.


The harvester unlocks the harvesting game. The harvesters have a wide range of appearances and look incredible driving around your farm. The harvesters come with body, harvester type, wheel, and tube attributes. Better harvesters allow you to play for longer and more fuel efficient.


Your pets unlock the only idle game. You will have a pet sanctuary for each type of animal on your farm, where you will feed them so they can earn you passive rewards. Among the pets are cows, ducks, chickens, dogs, and cats. Better attributes on your animals make it easier to take care of them and earn you better rewards.

NFT Energy and Health Points

All of your NFTs will require proper care, and repeated use will affect their Energy and Health Points. These are global metrics for all types of NFT, and they work like this:

  • Energy is the number of times you can play with an NFT before it requires a cooldown. Your NFT has 2-25 energy, depending on your Energy attribute level. Your NFT will lose one energy per session. Want to play more? Consider upgrading your energy attribute to the max level cap. In the future, we will introduce boosting, allowing you to pay $DFL or $GOLDY to skip the cooldown.

  • Health points refer to the number of times you can play with an NFT before it requires repairs or healing. Every NFT begins with 100 health points. Take your animals to the vet to be healed. Take the rest of the gear to the mechanic to get fixed up. Your NFT will lose one health point per session. Want to pay less for repairs? Consider upgrading your repair attribute to the max level cap.

From the perspective of creating a sustainable economy, the energy and health points systems prevent players from earning without any limitation. However, those who want to keep earning all day are welcome to hold more than one NFT for each gaming activity. Each NFT has its own energy and health points, meaning you can continue playing as long as you have back-up NFTs. You can collect as many Gen-0 NFTs as you need to ensure that you never run out of activities in DeFi Land. You can have hours of fun by just playing these games. However, the experience is made even better when we consider the advantages provided by Gen-0 NFTs. Next, we will discuss the in-game mechanics in more detail and reveal the uses for each NFT attribute.

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