NFT Marketplace

Community Driven Marketplace

Our homegrown marketplace was built precisely for the exciting features of our Gen-0 NFTs. As you know, each Gen-0 NFT comes with 4 attributes that provide specific advantages in DeFi Land. The type of attribute, rarity, and current level are all relevant when looking for the perfect item to add to your collection. The marketplace makes this search fun and easy, and our optimized web design allows trades to be executed in as little as 10 seconds or less. You can access the NFT marketplace in-game or directly on the web.

The marketplace allows you to trade using your choice of $DFL and $SOL without any listing fees (like all marketplaces, a small redeemable $SOL deposit is required to generate a listing). NFTs listed in $DFL have no trading fees, while NFTs listed in $SOL have a 1% trading fee (50% less than the standard 2%).

The Collections page is where you can browse, filter, sort, and purchase Gen-0 NFTs. You can filter based on the type of NFT you are searching for, and further limit your search based on specific attributes and price ranges. You can sort the collection by price, rarity, and date added. Sometimes you are simply looking for a good deal and you don’t know exactly which NFT type you want. Exclusive to our marketplace, you can select multiple NFT types and attribute rarities in a single search.

Make a purchase: You can click on an NFT from the collections page to pull up its detailed information. The NFT stat page shows you the color-coded rarity, the current levels, and the precise mathematical advantage of each attribute. When you’re ready to buy, simply click Buy Now and confirm the transaction.

By selecting My Wallet, you will be directed toward a stunning display of your NFTs. You can see your entire collection (Owned) and manage your listings (Listed).

Make a sale: Click on the NFT you want to trade to bring up its complete stat card. Then you can set a price for your listing and click List Now. Once you list your NFT, you can update the price or cancel the listing whenever you want. There are two important things to keep in mind when listing your NFTs:

  • You will not be asked for a confirmation when someone buys your NFT. By listing your NFT, you are agreeing to sell the NFT at a set price. If someone purchases your NFT before you cancel the listing or update the price, you cannot undo the transaction.

  • Always double-check the currency you are using for the listing. You do not want to accidentally set a SOL price in DFL! We encourage users to trade using $DFL to avoid market fees, but we understand that $SOL is a desirable option for many active NFT traders.

A Marketplace for All

We saw an enormous advantage in creating our own marketplace instead of relying solely on secondary partners. Not only does our marketplace offer benefits specific to finding the perfect Gen-0 NFT, but it also sets an industry standard for an incredible user experience for all NFT trading. We hope that our marketplace can benefit the entirety of the web3 ecosystem by being a sandbox for unique features, design, and ease of use. Right now, our marketplace only supports DeFi Land Gen-0 NFTs. However, we look forward to making our marketplace a launchpad for new partnerships, as we gradually expand the NFTs available on our exchange.

Renting NFTs

Renting is a planned feature that can greatly increase the accessibility of Play & Earn mechanics, while providing a passive income strategy for current NFT holders.

Example: Let’s imagine a situation where you have a task to catch 7 fish but you don't own a fishing rod. What are you going to do? You can go to the marketplace and see that a fishing rod costs something like $100. But paying $100 just to complete one task might not sound fair. What you can do in this situation is see who is renting out the NFT and borrow it.

The main idea behind this is that the owners of different types of NFTs will be able to rent out some of their NFTs. This is a great opportunity for both sides - owners and renters. The owner will be able to generate some income through renting, while the renter will be able to complete the task cheaply.

When you are renting an NFT, you will be forming a special contract. The contract will include everything about the process, including the duration of the borrowing period and the price. There will be a commission fee charged by DeFi Land for renting as well (approximately 5~10%), and this will be another revenue stream for our platform.

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