Motivation and Long-Term Vision

DeFi and NFTs have been part of our lives for a long time, and they could become huge if treated and developed in the right way. While we were trying to explain how this exciting world works to our friends and family, we realized that it was simply too hard to understand for many people.

When looking for ways to break down the barriers and make things simpler for the masses, we found that gamification is the best way to explain complex topics that are hard to understand to everyone.

This is especially true when talking to those who might not have the technical knowledge to understand how things really work. This was one of the main drivers for creating DeFi Land. As a result, we have turned investment-based activities into a gamified online application, offering individuals the opportunity to not only take part in the industry but also have fun.

Our biggest objective was to create a fully decentralized game capable of running on its own.

DeFi apps have become increasingly popular over the past year and a half, particularly in the past six months. There have been hundreds, if not more, DeFi enterprises gaining traction.

The past few months have shown a trend away from the novelty projects that were not able to bring any real value because they were unsustainable in the long run. Because of this, we think that a decentralized gaming economy is an ideal way to bring together the blockchain/crypto/DAO industry and gamers who want free access to the industry without corporate intervention.

We believe that if we want to see higher retail adoption, it is pivotal to start with an easy-to-use approach. Rather than creating complex functionality or AAA games, we think that the answer lies in simplicity.

That is what makes DeFi Land truly unique. Instead of creating a sophisticated game for power users, we have decided to build a game that is easy to play, relaxing, and educational. DeFi Land is intended to help users understand the basics of DeFi, NFTs, play-to-earn, and the crypto industry in general.

Our long-term goal is to transform DeFi Land into a hub of gamified applications, covering all the niches in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Education & Knowledge

Among the main goals that we had was to increase the knowledge and understanding of DeFi. Therefore, we have created a special practice offering, which allows our users to learn everything about the industry before they decide to participate in it.

The crypto industry is still very young, which makes it hard for individuals to find necessary and accurate information about the market. Since the beginning of the project, one of our biggest priorities was to ensure that newcomers in the market could safely access such information.

Right when you start playing, you are provided with several special offerings. The game focuses on a farm, with numerous functions. This includes the Market, Seed Lab, and House, among others.

DeFi Land also offers users the opportunity to take part in special events, play mini games, take care of the farm and animals, increase their land, and at the same time make actual money.

To put it simply, DeFi Land is a project that brings together two very popular worlds – gaming and crypto. The crossover of these industries makes a perfect match, providing individuals with a fun yet safe and secure way of becoming part of the crypto industry.

With our educational mode, newcomers are able to practice and learn more about the industry without having to spend any of their actual funds. Also, beginners are provided the opportunity to truly grasp the way DeFi works through a gamified and fun platform.

By connecting your wallet to DeFi Land, you are able to swap crypto tokens, manage your portfolio, and so on in a fun and engaging manner. Our game is based on pre-existing platforms, meaning that if our game expands and becomes successful, so does the whole ecosystem, making DeFi Land a truly unique game.

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