Retail Onboarding and Education

While there are numerous DeFi protocols and web3 games available in the industry, the onboarding process is still intimidating for most beginners. The onboarding process for DeFi Land is easy and helps you get comfortable with the entire crypto and web3 ecosystem. You can log in quickly and easily using Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Sollet, Web3Auth, Coin 98, and Ledger (no SOL required!).

Giving access to the masses was one of our main aims while creating DeFi Land. In the Fall of 2022, we will begin implementing Education Mode, which is a collection of articles, interactive lessons, and test-net simulations of DeFi. This will allow novice crypto users the opportunity to test DeFi investments without risking their money. Our education mode will be a crucial platform for onboarding and retaining users in the DeFi investment space.

A very important part of our onboarding process is the educational mode, which offers beginners the opportunity to learn everything about DeFi Land and the whole industry without spending any of their funds.

On the lighter side of the spectrum, you’ll notice that we always maintain a good vibe in DeFi Land. We are a unique crypto ecosystem that thrives even in market turbulence because you can forget about all the stresses of life when you relax in your village. DeFi Land is full of different types of memes and pop culture references, making things even more fun and light-hearted. We are constantly developing retail-oriented partnerships to ensure that our platform brings new, curious crypto users to the space. We offer support for multiple languages and want everyone in the world to feel welcome in our game.

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