Q: How to access the game? A: You can test the public beta of our game at https://play.defiland.app/

Q: I didn't get the verification code. What to do? A: Please check the Spam and Promotional folders as well. If still not in there, please reach out to the team members.

Q: Game feels laggy. What should I do? A: For the best experience in web-games, you should always have a "Hardware acceleration" setting ON. Check how to do it here: https://intercom.help/glorify/en/articles/3730301-turn-hardware-acceleration-on-in-google-chrome

Q: My game got stuck. What to do? A: Please remember that our game is still in testing release and it might have some bugs. If you get gets stuck, let the team know what was the exact reason and try to hard refresh CTRL + SHIFT + R.

Q: Team member DMed me and asked for some stuff. Is it legit? A: No, we will never DM you. If someone DMs you pretending to be a team member, know that it's a scam and report them in our Discord, Telegram groups.

Q: What's the minimum investment required to start playing the game and can I earn money already? A: Right now our game is in testing phase and everyone can test it for free. There is no required capital to start playing the game . The only way to earn DFL is to win in team competitions. However, Play-2-Earn will be introduced in the second half of Q1 2022.

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