Active Game Mechanics

Gameplay in DeFi Land is intended to be active and engaging. You truly have to be a great gamer to rise to the top of the leaderboard, and we know there are a lot of you out there. The active games in Play and Earn include the fishing game, shooting game, and harvesting game. Here is an overview of each active game:

Fishing Game

Reel in beautiful fish by responding correctly to on-screen commands. In our remastered fishing game, you will not only be looking to hit the sweet spot following the key directions on screen, but you will also be holding the keys and looking out for special bonuses.

Each of the 12 varieties of fish comes with its own “personality” and challenges. The fishing game will be one of the most challenging games at first, but over time you will learn how to identify the type of fish and prepare for epic battles.

In the remastered shooting game, you can show off your aim by shooting wolf, deer, and duck targets and acquiring bonuses along the way. Left click to shoot, walk around using the W A S D and arrow keys, hold shift to use your scope, and R to reload. You can earn more points with headshots and collect bonuses to maximize your earnings.

With stronger beasts to kill and an upgraded element of depth, you will have an opportunity to take full advantage of your new Gen-0 scope attribute. No animals were harmed in the making of the Shooting Game!

Harvesting Game

Hop in your harvester and stock up trucks with a list of requested crops. In a race against time, you will follow instructions to harvest crops and load them onto vehicles waiting to take them away from your village. Time is of the essence in the harvesting game, and you will need to prioritize how you refuel, harvest, and deliver.

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