The House building is where all the portfolio tracking happens. Users are able to see which assets have been performing the best and the worst and see the change in their net worth over time as well as all the tokens that they have. Further, users can check the leaderboard to see their progress with achievements and quests.


The Market building is where the swaps happen. Users can swap one asset to another, and the swap actually takes place on other DeFi protocols. Users can fine-tune the details too, for example setting the slippage, choosing between different trade routes, or performing multiple swaps in the same interface. Currently, market building is running on top of Serum, Raydium, Orca, Step, Saber and other exchanges and offers the fastest transactions with 0.07% transaction fees.

Seed Laboratory

The Seed Laboratory is the place where users can provide liquidity on a DEX and receive seed tokens that are actually LP tokens in exchange. This building is used for creating the seeds, which can later be planted in the farms and then harvested. Providing liquidity is a basic feature of DeFi that is widely used. Users will be able to choose between many different platforms for the seeds that they want to create. Creation of seeds requires two different assets, just like you would need for providing liquidity.


Once a user has some seed tokens, they can plant them on a farm. This operation is analogous to staking your LP tokens to yield farm. When seeds are planted, they will grow and produce a yield that users can harvest, increasing their total number of seeds. Users can also unplant their seeds.

Auto Farms

We partnered with Tulip to bring users auto-compounding yield farms. Users are able to stake their LP tokens (seed tokens) into Farms patrolled by NPCs who automatically harvest and reinvest to maximize returns. This will save users a lot of time and effort as well as increase their returns.

Farm Board

All the available farms can be viewed on the Farm Board. Users can check metrics such as the APYs, total amount staked, and more.


The Bank is the building where users can track their staking positions. We will also be incorporating lending and borrowing in the future.

Voting Palace

At the Voting Palace, users will be able to decide how different protocols will be developed. They will be able to share their opinions on different topics and govern the various protocols. There will be two different voting palaces the one it will be for DeFi Land related governance proposals and another one will be for all the other different partner protocols who have the government's option. Palace is actually running on top of decentralized autonomous organization DAOs.

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