Fusion and Forging

NFT Fusion

The fusion mechanic allows you to burn multiple Gen-0 NFT attributes for a chance to improve their rarity (you will have to disassemble your Gen-0 NFT before fusing). You will be guided through the process in the NFT Forging building, where Roger will show you the probabilities of earning specific rarities and attributes.

Ground Rules for Fusion

  • Fusion has a low cost of just 1000 $GOLDY.

  • You can fuse 2 to 7 attributes of the same NFT type and rarity. You will earn one attribute from each fusion event.

  • Any rarity from common to epic can be fused, meaning you can chain fusions from common all the way to legendary.

  • The number of attributes fused correlates with the probability of upgrading your rarity by up to three tiers (full details shown below).

  • The attribute type you earn depends on the attribute types you fuse. For example, if you fuse 3 hooks and 1 float, you will have a 75% chance of earning a hook and a 25% chance of earning a float. You cannot fuse attributes from different NFT types.

  • Fully upgraded attributes will not lose their upgrade status. The attribute you earn from fusion will have a level between the current level and the level cap of its new rarity. For example, if you burn 3 level 30 commons and receive an uncommon, its starting level will be between 30 and 50.

NFT Forging

Forging has a profound impact on the efficiency and earning potential of your tools. NFT attributes are synergistic, meaning the additive power of combined rare attributes is stronger than if those attributes were on their own. For example, a rare attribute offers a stronger numerical advantage when combined with other rare attributes compared to when it is combined with common attributes. Forging allows you to build NFTs that are multiple times stronger than your original items.

How to Forge in DeFi Land

You can begin the forging process by paying Roger a visit in DeFi Land. If you are an active player, the forging building will be airdropped to your inventory. You can place the forging building in your village from Edit Mode. Remember, there is a fee and timer associated with each forging event. Forging takes a few steps, outlined below:

1. Disassemble your attributes in the forging building. Before disassembling your NFT, make sure it’s health is 100 HP and is not on adventure. Afterwards, select the type of NFT you want to dismantle, and then load the specific NFT of that type. You will pay Roger (The Forger) and lock your NFT for the designated time. There is a flat fee of 5000 GOLDY for disassembling any NFT, so go ahead and take apart your NFTs and trade individual attributes on our marketplace (or read on to see what else you can do with your attributes…).

2. Claiming your disassembled attributes gives you 4 “attribute” NFTs. This step must be done before the assembling process. These attributes are tradeable and transferable, just like any other NFT.

3. Assemble your NFT with your desired attributes. The fee for assembling is related to the rarity of the attributes that make up the new NFT. The higher the rarity, the higher the fee and time required. Remember, only attributes from the same type of Gen-0 NFT can be combined. For example, you cannot give a cat a duck’s outfit, nor can you put a scope on a harvester (as cool as that might sound). If you are missing some attribute that you wish to have on your NFT, you can trade DeFi Land NFT attributes on our NFT marketplace.

4. Claim your forged NFT. You will be assigned a new mint number when you claim NFT. Note: each claiming event is a blockchain transactions that require a small amount of $SOL, to mint NFT, and wallet approval. If it fails, no worries, you can try it again. P.S. Your freshly forged NFT will have fully restored energy, so that you can test it out instantly.

5. Name your NFT. Once you finish assembling your NFT, head over to our NFT naming service to add a final touch of personalization.

Forging is a complex, on-chain NFT rearrangement process that has never been done before at this scale. Therefore, there may be slight bugs in the beginning. Most of the time, bugs can be fixed with a simple refresh. If this does not work, head over to our discord for support.

Costs of Forging

The almighty forging mechanic also serves as a use-case for your $GOLDY and $DFL tokens. Below is a breakdown of forging costs and time requirements:

Disassemble: 5000 $GOLDY, 4 hours. (no matter NFT rarity or attributes)

Assemble: To calculate the cost of assembling your dream NFT. you will have to sum up prices for each attribute. Assembling costs for attributes:

  • Common — 5000 $GOLDY + 1000 $DFL, 2 hours

  • Uncommon — 10,000 $GOLDY + 3000 $DFL, 6 hours

  • Rare — 20,000 $GOLDY + 10,000 $DFL, 16 hours

  • Epic — 25,000 $GOLDY + 25,000 $DFL, 24 hours

  • Legendary — 30,000 $GOLDY + 50,000 $DFL, 48hours

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