Additional Gamification Elements

Log into your village and you will immediately see how our gamification elements create a true “metaverse” experience. We work hard to deliver fine details that improve the game. Here are a few examples that make DeFi Land truly unique:

Weather Changes

The weather on your farm varies based on the market conditions. On a turbulent day, you might have heavy rainfall on your farm. When your portfolio is doing well, expect sunny skies.

On the south side of your village, you will find three windmills that operate based on Solana’s performance. If all three windmills are operational, you can expect normal transaction speeds. If any one of the windmills is not working, you can expect some transactions to fail.

Edit Mode and Land Visits

Make your village undeniably yours by customizing your land using Edit Mode. Place buildings, farms, tools, and your pets wherever you want on your farm. Use the Q and E keys to rotate your view and the T and Y keys to rotate the buildings you are placing. When your village is perfect, invite your friends by sending them your wallet address. They will be able to leave you encrypted messages in your mailbox to tell you how much they enjoyed their stay at your farm. We even have community contests where you can submit your village to earn special token and NFT prizes.

Audius Radio Tower

The radio tower in DeFi Land brings the decentralized music streaming platform, Audius, straight into your village. Tune your radio to different channels on the radio, including hip-hop, classical, rock, LoFi, and many more.

This creates the perfect vibe for your village, whether you are tracking your portfolio, customizing your land, or playing your favorite games.

Showcase your NFTs

We will be partnering with various NFT projects to bring their art to your land. If a user owns a specific non-fungible token, they will be able to drop it on their land, interact with it, and potentially even get a quest/reward out of it.

As a theoretical example for how this can be implemented, if a user owns a Solana Monkey Business NFT, they could be able to drop a monkey on their land. The monkey will be monkeying around, and you will be able to interact with it. The monkey will give users a quest, which will be a story mode with a reward at the end.

Currently, you are able to showcase your Solana NFTs in your house, as your profile picture, and in billboards that can be stationed around your village.


The gamification elements mentioned above are already available in DeFi Land, but there are many others that we are planning to add. One of them is a newsroom.

For the newsroom, we plan to feature a building where users have access to all the crypto news in one place. This might include publications such as CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, and more. You will be able to read articles and stay up to date with the ongoing events in the market.


This upcoming gamification element will offer our players the opportunity to check out different types of amazing podcasts about the crypto industry directly from DeFi Land. These podcasts will be from different creators.

For example, it could be the FTX Podcast, Binance Podcast, and many others. This will also include educational content. Basically, everything will be gathered for you in one place to enjoy.

Conferences and concerts

Finally, another very exciting element of DeFi Land will be hosting different types of conferences and concerts. Potentially, we will be able to host different types of events in the metaverse.

We will be able to host different types of concerts. There will be a special stage in the game which you will click and join. All the people will be around you to give you a truly immersive experience.

And more

While everything we have discussed above is already very exciting, this is not all. We have many other ideas that we are currently working on. Also, do not forget that we are very actively listening to you, our users. So if you have any ideas, do not hesitate to reach out and give us feedback on what you would like to see in DeFi Land.

Feel free to join our Discord and chat with us. If the idea sounds good, we will definitely be adding it and credit you for the idea.

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