DeFi Land is an agricultural utopia that is more than meets the eye. On one hand, DeFi Land is made up of villages, where great farmers savor the joys of a rustic and simple life. On the other hand, we embrace innovation, blockchain technology, and the revolution of ethics that accompany our steps into the future. Our lore is the story of how those two worlds collided.

The origin story of DeFi Land sets the stage for your gameplay, describing how the island was discovered and how our society developed into a techno-agricultural utopia. Meet the Captain and the Sisters of the Solana tribe, as their paths cross in an epic adventure told through manga and drawn by our in-house artist.

The lore is ripe with metaphors for the blockchain, web3, DeFi, and our personal journey as a project. The manga will be available exclusively for our Gen-0 NFT holders. We wanted to make our lore something that is larger than life and as high quality as our game. The lore will be ongoing, meaning new chapters will be introduced as we progress through our roadmap.

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