DeFi Land token - DFL

$DFL is a governance and staking currency with an abundance of use cases in our ecosystem. $DFL will be the ruling currency in the game giving you the power to craft, upgrade, and boost. This will help you maximize your earning potential in DeFi Land. We will use $DFL to trade in our homegrown NFT marketplace without additional transaction fees.

In addition to in-game elements, DFL has staking and governance utility. $DFL stakers will be rewarded with priority access to whitelists based on their weight in the staking pool, and long-term stakers can earn community NFTs. Eventually, revenue generated through the DeFi Land Treasury will be redistributed among our stakers. Lastly, $DFL will also be used to govern our protocol. Players will be able to decide the way our game develops.

To promote the sustainability of our ecosystem, we introduced $GOLDY. This is a secondary currency that is used predominantly for in-game microtransactions and rewards. $GOLDY is entirely community driven and is minted strictly to distribute rewards among our players. $GOLDY has many use cases and is burned with every transaction.

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