Play & Earn with NFTs

Our Play and Earn mode aligns with our philosophy that a web3 game should build its earning protocol on top of an experience that is fun and engaging without these additional incentives. In other words, our users do not play to earn. DeFi Landers play and earn. To accomplish this, we have multiple unique gameplay modes that are embedded in an ecosystem that provides abundant use cases for your tokens. Our first priority is creating an amazing user experience. Next comes the development of an economy that is strong, balanced, and sustainable.

DeFi Land subsists on an internal economy powered by $GOLDY, $DFL, and your NFTs. Both $GOLDY and $DFL are cryptocurrencies on the Solana chain, soon to be followed by integration into the most trusted L1s and L2s. Your Gen-0 NFTs, including the fishing rod, shooting gun, harvester, and pets, are your keys to unlock Play and Earn for their corresponding gameplay. Because each Gen-0 NFT pairs with one game in DeFi Land, so you only need one affordable NFT to begin earning. This offers DeFi Landers a fair and accessible threshold into Play and Earn.

Play and Earn is currently in beta and will continue to be developed to perfect the user experience and balance our economy.

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