While the crown jewel of DeFi Land gameplay is our Play and Earn mode, we provide an amazing gaming experience to our free-to-play users. Each of our remastered games comes with a free NFT that can be used to earn XP and even a rare chance at $GOLDY rewards. Free-to-play users will be able to hustle their way to the top of leaderboard and earn seasonal $DFL, $GOLDY, and NFT prizes. Check out Active Game Mechanics for commentary and detailed explanations of each game through the lens of Play and Earn.

Fishing Game

You can hang out at the fishing pond and cast a line to catch up to 12 beautiful fish. You play the game by responding correctly to on-screen commands. Each of the 12 varieties of fish you can catch comes with its own “personality” and challenges. Fishing is a challenging game. There is a small element of luck and a significant element of skill.

Shooting Game

The shooting game lets you test your aim by shooting different targets and power-ups. You are on the hunt for wolves, ducks, and deer. If you think you have sharp aim, see how many headshots you can chain together to reach the max score.

Harvesting Game

True farmers are not only great at harvesting, but they can fulfill requested deliveries in time. Make sure to keep an eye on your fuel gauge, and strategize how to deliver the most crops as quickly as possible.


What is a farm without animals? You can tend to your pets by feeding them and they will reward you in return. Cows, ducks, and chickens produce resources that are instantly converted into XP. Cats and dogs can be sent on adventures from 1 hour to 1 day, and they will return with even more XP.

Hidden Items

Did you spend hours upon hours as a kid on your grandmother's computer seeking hidden items in crappy flash games? There's a reason why these types of games were so popular back in the day.

Finding hidden objects can be exciting for both kids and adults. If that's your thing, you'll enjoy our easter egg challenges. Can you find Pepe? Only the best detectives can!

More is Yet to Come

We are constantly dreaming up new gameplay that we think you will love. These include woodcutting, mining, racing, and tower building. We will also incorporate PvP modes, first-person adventure modes, prisoner’s dilemma wagers, and more. All of our gameplay will be complimented by quests and achievements that can earn you bonus rewards. Over time, we will have so much gameplay that you can truly rotate infinitely through different games on your farm.

As our development of public lands gets underway, we are excited to bring an SDK to DeFi Land that will give individual developers the opportunity to create different types of minigames for DeFi Land.

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