Quests, Achievements, and Leveling

Achievements and Quests are XP-restricted activities in DeFi Land, aimed to provide additional opportunities to our best players. More information on Achievements and Quests will come soon.


Achievements in our Play and Earn mode are very similar to free-to-play mode. These are very important as they can give players the opportunity to learn more about the game as well as the industry.

In Play and Earn mode, we will be featuring some additional achievements that are not available in free-to-play mode. Achievements are created to keep players more engaged and increase their earning potential.


Quests in DeFi Land are somewhat similar to achievements, but the difference is that they have certain time restrictions. There will be daily, weekly, or even monthly quests in our game.

Leveling and farmer's pass

As mentioned earlier, in DeFi Land there are special XP achievements that you can complete. These points will enable you to access different levels, similar to other games.

While levels do not play a major role in DeFi Land, they still can be quite important. There will be some requirements in terms of how high your level has to be to perform "legendary" activities. For example, you will have to reach a certain level to have a river on your land or have different types of decorations.

To put it simply, levels can be used to show that you are actually passionate about DeFi Land and you are actively playing the game. Those who reach level 1000 will get their own NFT and in-game assets.

We will also have seasonal farmers’ passes. If you have a seasonal farmer's pass NFT, you will be able to participate in specific tasks. It works the same way as a battle pass in games such as Fortnite and CoD. The pass will give you access to special levels of achievements and quests. Every level of quests and achievements in the farmers’ pass will have special awards and gifts for those who participate.

This will make the game even more engaging and fun for our players.

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