NFT Renting, Boosting, and Crafting

You are not done once you own NFTs; it's only the beginning! You can make even more use out of them by taking them to a whole new level. There are several exciting features that will be rolled out over the coming weeks.
Renting your NFTs is the feature that is exciting for the people who own many NFTs and want to get some passive income. On the other hand, people who can’t afford to buy a Gen-0 NFT will be able to rent it out and access Play and Earn experience in DeFi Land.
Boosting will be a feature that allows you to pay a fee in $DFL to skip the energy/upgrade cooldown and get right back to earning with your favorite NFTs. Did we mention that eventually you will be able to separate your NFT attributes and make super-NFTs? It’s never too late to collect your favorite NFT attributes, because soon you will be able to split, mix, match, and trade NFT attributes in our homegrown marketplace.
Crafting will provide a wide variety of opportunities. Gen-0 NFT holders will be able to craft unlimited Gen-1 NFTs in special NFT crafting buildings.