NFT and Resource Marketplace

Community driven marketplace

As we have mentioned previously, NFTs will be tradable, meaning that you will be able to purchase and then exchange them with other players if you want to. For this reason, we have decided to create our own marketplace where you will be able to sell your DeFi Land NFTs.
The rarer your NFT, the better its utility, meaning it will have a higher price. This marketplace will be fully community-driven, where prices will be controlled by the people.
The NFTs will be tradable in DFL/GOLDY and the fees generated from these transactions will be going to our treasury. The treasury will in turn distribute 50% to stakers and the other 50% will be cycled back into the game.

Renting NFTs

Buying NFTs can be great, but is it really for everyone? Let’s imagine a situation where you have a task to catch 7 fish but you don't own a fishing rod. What are you going to do?
You can go to the marketplace and see that a fishing rod costs something like $100. But paying $100 just to complete one task might not sound fair. What you can do in this situation is see who is renting out the NFT and borrow it.
The main idea behind this is that the owners of different types of NFTs will be able to rent out some of their NFTs. This is a great opportunity for both sides - owners and renters. The owner will be able to generate some income through renting, while the renter will be able to complete the task cheaply.
When you are renting an NFT, you will be forming a special contract. The contract will include everything about the process – the duration of the borrowing period as well as the price.
There will be a commission fee charged by DeFi Land for renting as well (e.g. 5~10%), and this will be another revenue stream.
NFT Renting and the in-game marketplace will be released soon.