Earning in DeFi Land

The DeFi Land economy uses $DFL, $GOLDY, and NFTs. The $DFL token represents your citizenship of DeFi Land. $DFL is used for staking, governance, NFT trading, NFT renaming, and special game mechanics (energy boosting and upgrading). $GOLDY will be for in-game mechanics, like paying for NFT repairs and attribute upgrades. Both $DFL and $GOLDY are cryptocurrencies on the Solana chain, and their in-game trading is powered by Raydium liquidity pools.
In our new user interface, you will be able to keep track of your external wallet and gaming wallet. Your gaming wallet is stored on our back-end, and contains your rewards from playing games in DeFi Land. Your external wallet is the digital wallet you use to log into the game. Your gaming wallet supports $DFL and $GOLDY.
In the first weeks of the Play and Earn beta, players will earn $GOLDY for their in-game achievements. The highest rewards per session will range from 5–40 $GOLDY (with a minimum-level NFT) to 200–450 $GOLDY (with a maximum-level NFT and highest possible score). The rewards will be distributed to your DeFi Land gaming wallet, which can then be transferred to your personal wallet or used on in-game items and upgrades. To protect our system from botting and spam attacks, we will enforce a minimum withdrawal limit on your rewards. Eventually, players will also have a chance to earn $DFL, blueprints to craft new NFTs, and NFT rewards.
Earning in DeFi Land is a process that includes playing, upgrading, and strategizing. Maximizing your earnings potential is designed to be difficult and multi-dimensional. Our best players will constantly evaluate their strategies and set goals for upgrading their NFTs. We have a dedicated Discord channel to #flex-your-rewards so that you can see what is possible through Play and Earn.
We are building a genuine, one-of-a-kind gaming economy that has never been flawlessly executed before. Everything that is released from here on (NFTs, currencies, farm upgrades, etc.) will be entirely community driven and supported. This presents a unique opportunity to redefine value in the digital world. Our priority is not to create a scheme to get you rich overnight. However, if you participate in our ecosystem, play our games, and build your own unique sanctuary in DeFi Land, you will have a chance to be a part of something that is truly amazing.