DeFi Land (Beta)
Core NFTs
We have talked about Minigames earlier, but they aren't just for fun. Those activities are key features of our play-2-earn mechanics. Different minigames require different NFTs to be played in order to earn some income from them.
At the start of 2022, there will be a surprise NFT sale and drop for our users that will feature XX,000 unique "Genesis" NFTs. The exact details of the sale and drop will be announced soon. These in-game elements will be tradable on our NFT marketplace. Genesis drop owners will be able to craft their items to upgrade them to better (rarer) ones, which will guarantee better income rates from the minigames.

Fishing rod

Have you seen the fishing game we have? You will be able to catch fish using the fishing rod. The rarer your fishing rod, the bigger and better fish you can catch.

Hunting gun

Do you have a sharp aim? You can test your skills by shooting the crows stealing your crops. Later, you'll be able to go hunting and get certain special animals for your collection.


What would a game be without some driving and racing? We will be bringing the long-requested LamboTractor and many other versions of vehicles, which you can see on your land and use to harvest, race, and more for special prizes.

Working tools (mining, cutting wood, etc.)

We couldn't list all the activities that in time will be available in DeFi Land. However, to name a few, there will be mining, cutting wood, foraging, and more will be delivered. You will need specific NFTs for them as well, such as mining tools, axes, etc. You will be getting wood, metal, and coal from these activities, and you will be able to use these resources in multiple ways.

Building NFTs

In DeFi Land, structures and building will be upgradable. They will have levels and upgrading will require metal, wood, and other resources. For example, if you upgrade your Market building to Level 2, you will get a 1% chance of receiving a surprise DFL on each swap. If your farms are Level 3, you will have 0.1% of additional yield when harvesting. (These are just examples for clarification.)
Animal concept arts in DeFi Land

Animal NFTs

Like buildings, animals will have levels. Upgrading them will result in more resources and productivity. If you want to level up your animals, DFL and certain other resources will be required.
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